Personalised Curriculum

The TLC curriculum is special in that it caters for the individual needs of each student. This is achieved by developing learning schemes for each of the main 7 components of language learning. As well as being placed on a course that is in phase with the Common European Framework levels of each student, teachers are able to adjust within each program the seven components of language learning to cater to the students needs. This is achieved by assessing the student at the beginning of the year and establishing where each child is on a particular component grid. Teachers may be teaching above a certain CEFR level for one component while teaching below at another.

Qualified Teachers

Teaching English as a second language is still to become an organised industry. This means that there are many people teaching in the industry with no correct experience or qualifications. At TLC we require that our teachers be CELTA or TEFL trained or have a masters in a related subject. We also accept bachelors in education as well as masters in Education, keeping in mind that a PGCE qualification with NQT in primary school would be the most appreciated qualification. We also have some teachers who have no qualifications but have shown a great desire to make a difference. These teachers will follow our rigorous in-house training programme that covers all content material as well as planning and organisation skills training needed to deliver interesting and dynamic lessons. What these teachers may lack in experience they make up for in motivation.

Parents often ask questions about the nationality of our teachers. It is imperative to understand that TLC provides an excellent comprehensive English Language teaching service and hires based on the proficiency of their teachers. We do not discrimminate by nationality but be assured that only teachers with an outstanding level of English would be accepted as teachers at TLC.  After all we have students today that speak English as well as we do and they are not mother tongue English!

Tailored Teaching Styles

At TLC the most important aspect of the Curriculum-teaching-student paradigm is the Teacher and their teaching skills.  This is why when planning TLC takes into account students learning styles and attempt to match them to the appropriate teacher. To ensure that the teacher quality is always the main concern we are able to provide Skype classes to al students needing a particular teacher and have validated their B1 level of the CEFR.

How to get your child started
If you would like to learn more about TLC 1 to 1 classes, please fill in this form and we will phone you. You can then book a baseline assessment through us. Our baseline assessment costs 75 euros and is deducted from the annual fees once a student signes up for classes.
You can book a baseline immediately through our online booking system. Our sessions are 2 hours for children in or above 5eme from 2pm to 4pm on Saturdays only. For children below 5eme, our sessions take place in the morning from 10-12pm, also on Saturdays but only last 30 minutes. The 75 euro fee is to be paid either by cheque or credit card on the day of the assessment.
Upon completion of your child’s assessment, you will receive a sign up form to fill in to complete the process.
Upon completion of our sign up form, you will receive confirmation and the start date of the first class.
Planning happens every Thursday. Expect 2-3 weeks processing time between the moment you complete the online link after the baseline assessment and the first class.